SC Infoclick SA
53 Bd. Dacia, ap. 12, 3rd floor, district 1, 010406, Bucharest, Romania
Tel/Fax: +4021 2312446

Infoclick was founded by a team of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the telecommunications and Value Added services market.

Our company's momentum is drawn from our know-how and is based on state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee the quality and the innovative nature of the services provided.

Dedicated in our goals we are constantly investing in infrastructure, research, and highly qualified human resources to provide specialized, pioneering services and integrated solutions through alternative telecommunication channels such as fixed and cellular telephony networks, the Internet and IPTV networks.

In addition we are determined to

  • Develop new pioneering products and services in the area of multimodal information provisioning
  • Open up new market sectors of the telecommunications industry
  • Participate dynamically in major projects
  • Develop strategic alliances
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  • Maintain high growth rates

    Our vision is to become recognized as the leading Company in our sector and be referred to as the market pioneer in the provision of innovative, high value added services to our customers.

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